City Council Meeting is a performance created fresh in each city where it is presented, with local artists, activists, government officials and other citizens. Mallory Catlett, Jim Findlay and Aaron Landsman are behind this. 

We embrace positive discord. We welcome adversaries. We depend on your engagement.


Currently, our cities include San Francisco, Houston, Tempe and NYC.


Thank You!

Three years in the making, a three-city premiere, we want to thank everyone who came to see and be a part of this project in its first incarnations at HERE Art Center in New York, ASU Gammage in Tempe, and DiverseWorks and the UH Mitchell Center in Houston. 


Here are photos of Houston

And Tempe

And New York


The script and an article by Mallory and Aaron in the fall issue of Theater. 

A San Francisco incarnation at Zspace in 2014.

At least one more city coming online soon. 



 City Council Meeting Houston's Secretary

Name: Autumn Knight

City: Houston

What is your affiliation with City Council Meeting?  

Performing as the city secretary. I've known about the concept for a while.

When is the last time you experienced a moment of real empathy? What brought it on? 

The young Indian woman who threads my face talked to me at length about being harassed by her co-workers and older women in her community because she isn't married yet. I empathized with her desire to be her own woman, travel and wait to find a partner from her ethnic community who shares her values, culture,etc.  

What can art do that local politics cannot? 

Everything. Is there something that art cannot do?





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