Part of our process in making City Council Meeting has been to see local government meetings in various cities, especially the cities in which we are presenting the project. Even if actual transcriptions from the meeting itself don't make it in, the simple act of being in the room helps us know how to frame what we're doing.

Click below to see videos of some actual meetings we've been to:

Portland, OR - April 15, 2009

Things get heated up around 15 minutes into it.

Bismark, ND - June 22, 2010

Click "Watch Now".

San Antonio, TX - August 12, 2010

This link takes a long time to load.

Chicago, IL - December 8, 2010

What is interesting is that this meeting was pretty procedural, but in the reserve gallery there were  fistfights among supporters of a fair housing bill.

Houston, TX - March 22-23, 2011

(The conversation about drainage happens about 10 minutes into item 1).